Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
Knitted Felt Coasters

Newsflash: Now available for purchase on Ravelry.

Knitted Felt Coaster Book Cover

I have been spending my lockdown days updating and re-branding my many different online blogs and websites into a single hosted space. While editing and updating I came to an old post that was about a set of knitted felt coasters I had spent a long time experimenting with. As is my habit, I kept a record of how I created them in case I wanted to make them again.

At the time I was most intrigued by the felting and blocking process and the design of the coasters was secondary. It’s interesting how lockdown changes the way I look at things, I realised I had created a set of patterns I could share and decided to try my hand at publishing my first knitting pattern book.

Last year, (which feels like eons ago) I created a number of beanies and berets. I named them Boredom Busters because (obviously) I was extremely bored at the time. This will be my next project but meanwhile, it has provided me with a great moniker. Knitted Felt Coasters will be the first book in a series of “Boredom Busters”.

Not only will this book inspire you to pick up your knitting needles again, but they can also be used as small projects for the beginning knitter to practice new skills. Seasoned knitters like myself can happily click-clack away to the beat of a streaming binge with this stash busting, boredom busting, home decorating little jewel.

Boredom Busters Book 1, Knitted Felt Coasters, by Courtney Jester is now available on full-colour PDF through my Ravelry shop.

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