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Knitted party lights

These lights look terrific on my Christmas Tree which is hung entirely with my own home-made decorations. The idea for this pattern is not original, it came from many Pinterest posts however this pattern is my own.

Knitted Christmas lights
Knitted Christmas lights
Make 6 to 12 in different colours. A set of six lights will measure approximately two metres when chained together.

Using coloured yarn, cast on 4 sts
1st row: Kfb to end.  (8sts)
  Starting with a purl row,  stst 3 rows.
5th row: (k1, m1, k1) to end. (12sts)
  Stst 3 rows.
9th row: (k1, m1, k1) to end. (18sts)
  Stst 3 rows.
13th row: (k1, m1, k1) to end. (27sts)
  Stst 7 rows.
Next row: (k2tog) to last st, k1. (14sts)
Next row: Purl
Next row: (k2tog) to end (7sts)
Next row: Purl
Break off colour
Change colour to white and stst 4 rows.
Next row: (k2tog) to last st, k1.
B&T tightly.

Make up
Over sew row ends using matching yarn and leaving a gap at the centre.  Stuff firmly and sew closed.

Using white and 4mm crochet hook, chain 50, dc in top of first light, chain 50 and dc into top of next light. Continue as before until all lifhts have been attached. Chain 50, cut yarn and pull through.  Sew yarn ends into chain.

Make more or less lights and make the chain in between longer or shorter as desired.


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5 thought on “Knitted Christmas Lights”
    1. Thanks for asking Danielle, for these I used 8 ply (UK: double knit, US: worsted weight) and 3mm (UK/Canada 11, US: either 2 or 3 as no exact equivalent).

      You can use any weight of yarn, but for any project that is to be stuffed use a much smaller needle than for a garment. This ensures that the fabric will be firm and the stuffing will not show through. The weight of yarn will alter the overall size of the project.

  1. After the first row, you say Starting with a purl row, stst 3 rows. This makes the next row Row 5? not 4?

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