Tue. May 28th, 2024
Bobble Square

I chose this square for two reasons. Firstly , secondly I only have a few single colour blocks and realised that I need a turquoise and a sky blue single coloured block to balance the colour scheme, this also helps my brain dead status. So, Bobble Square in turquoise and soon I’ll find one to crochet in sky blue.

This is the first colour to run into its second ball of yarn. This yarn, 4 Seasons Marvel 8 ply is a cheap acrylic, I don’t need a high quality soft acrylic for this kind of project because I won’t be wearing it, so it’s a good choice.

The down side of cheap yarn is that it often is broken and knotted together inside the ball, which infuriates me if I’m creating a garment, but again it’s not a problem for this project. What does infuriate me on any project is a yarn that won’t centre-pull. This yarn has been very difficult for that, I have either wound up with half the ball pulling out in one great tangle (this is a process I call a breech birth) or as was the case for two of these balls, it won’t come out at all and I’m left having to deal with either the crazy untethered ball chase or laboriously unwinding it from the outside.

Enter my new toy. The new ball of yarn was not going to easily centre pull so I simply rewound it on my new yarn winder which is so easily set up for centre pull balls it makes me laugh. Oo I wish I could have afforded to buy it years ago.

This block can be found in “75 Crocheted Floral Blocks” by Betty Barnden on page 88


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