Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
Puzzle Ball, completed

I have been concentrating on other things for a long time. Mainly, I have been studying the Diploma of Family History which is fully online through the University of Tasmania. I have only about six weeks left until I complete it.

My daughter brought me a book from the library called Amamani Puzzle Balls. She thought it looked like something I would find interesting.

I have seen pictures of the balls on Pinterest and this book modifies them to make puzzle animals. I could not follow the book at all but thought that as it follows on from the puzzle ball, perhaps I needed to make a ball first.

Some searching online, combined with rereading the book, and I found the basic structure on pages 12 and 13. I just needed to make three of them to construct the basic ball.

I am pleased with the result with one exception. Using 8ply yarn and 4mm crochet hook leaves spaces between the stitches. Great for clothing but not for toys. Still using 8ply yarn, I would use a 3mm hook. This correlates to the yarn and needles I use for knitted toys and the stuffing cannot be seen.

This is the result.

Puzzle ball pieces
Puzzle Ball Pieces


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