Fri. Feb 26th, 2021
Knitting Needle Keeper Rolled Up

How can I keep all my knitting needles together so I can easily find them? I was sick of not being able to find my knitting needles when I wanted them. I had one of those ubiquitous plastic needle cases but it was completely full and I still had many other needles, some that were too long to fit anyway. That’s not even mentioning the stitch holders and cable needles.

It drives me mad when I have to empty out my entire collection of knitting tools just to find the needles I am looking for. Half the time, the ones I want are not there because I left them somewhere else.

The answer came to me via an artists paintbrush roll. I could make a roll big enough to hold all my needles and they could be sorted into size and length. That way all I would need to do was to roll it out and take out or return the appropriate needles, furthermore, there would be an empty space where any were in use or not returned.

I used Flinders 8 ply 100% cotton, which I bought from Spotlight for $4.25 per ball. Any 8 ply yarn would suffice but I trying to use natural products whenever possible.

Knitting Needle Keeper
Completed Keeper

Knitting Needle Keeper Pattern

Easy One Row Repeat


4 x 50 gr 4 ply (US Sport) 100% cotton
1 x 4 mm (UK 8, US 7) crochet hook
3 x buttons
Gauge is not important.


ch = chain
dc = double crochet (US single crochet)

Centre piece

Row 1: ch 61, dc in the second chain from the hook, dc in each chain to end, turn.
Next Row: chain 1, dc in every dc to end, turn.
This last row is the one-row repeat pattern Continue this row until the entire first three balls are used joining whenever necessary.
Fasten off at the end of a row nearest the end of the last ball.

Long Side

Row 1: Turn work sideways and join in yarn, ch1, dc in each row end to end, turn.
Next Row: ch1, dc in every dc to end.
As before, this last row is the one-row repeat pattern, repeat 14 more times, fasten off
Turn work to the opposite long side and repeat these 15 rows as before.
Weave in ends


Attach yarn to a dc on the short end few rows in from the corner of the side stitching. Ch 20, fasten off
Repeat this at the centre and again an equal distance from the end as the first chain was placed.
Sew buttons on the outside close to the chains.

Arrange your needles

All that is left is to decide how you would like your needles to be arranged. Begin at the far end away from the buttons picking up a group of two dc at either end of the needle and they will easily stay in place. I grouped my needles according to size then length, I also top and tailed pairs and alternated which groups of stitches to pick up. I had plenty of room left at the end of the roll to keep my stitch holders and cable needles (the cable needles are not in the picture as they are all in use).

Knitting Needle Keeper with Needles
Needles arranged in the Keeper


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