Tue. May 28th, 2024
Aran cardigan and pattern book

It has been some time since I last blogged and nearly as long since I last picked up my knitting.  I was knitting an Aran cardigan for my granddaughter but life got a bit hectic and the cardigan was put down.  When my darling was measured she had caught up with the size of my knitting so I had to race to finish it.  I had only one sleeve, the front bands and the collar left to do.

Now I have finally finished it, and not a moment too soon.  Having never knitted a baby cardigan in Aran before I thought it best to follow the pattern.  The only trouble with this is the sewing together at the end, which I dislike, I started to avoid this by knitting in one piece as much as possible.  Here is the puzzle.

Aran cardigan before sewing
Pink Aran cardigan pieces before sewing together

It didn’t take nearly as long as usual, mainly because of the need to finish before baby outgrows it.  The only thing left now is to go Sunday shopping for the buttons

And here it is, the final preview (minus buttons of course).  From Patons “A complete wardrobe of Hand Knits for Baby”, Book 5000, style 21 Aran Jacket page 58.  I followed the size for 3 months or 40cm (16″) underarm, and used pink Panda Magnum Soft Baby 4ply 100% Acrylic yarn.  Care instructions for this yarn are warm machine wash or hand wash, cold rinse well, do not wring, do not iron, do not tumble dry, dry flat in shade do not bleach, dry cleanable.

Lucy modelling the Aran Cardigan
Lucy modelling the Aran cardigan


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