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Knitted coat hanger covers

Why knit coat hanger covers?

Covered coat hangers are small and quick to finish. In 8 ply yarn an adult hanger cover is only 80 stitches wide and depending on the pattern and how deep the padding, between 24 and 30 rows long. This makes them excellent projects that have nothing to do with donating to charity fĂȘtes where they have customarily held great stead.

Are you frustrated with a large complicated project? Working small projects in between blocks of another long term project can provide just the satisfaction that only a completed project can give. This then provides the impetus to bite off another chunk of that long term project.

Knitted coat hanger covers
Knitted coat hanger covers

Are you looking for a portable project to take with you when you holiday or travel? Coat hanger covers are perfect. Not only can you get away with carrying one set of needles and no more than two balls of yarn, you can make as many covers as time permits, no more half finished holiday projects languishing in your to-do basket. You can mount the hangers once you’re back home or wait until you have several holiday sets to mount at once.

Do you have a book of colour work you’d love to use but don’t have the time or patience to make into a project? Alternatively do you have a stitch pattern your not sure you can follow. Coat hanger covers are the perfect way to practice or swatch a new pattern but still create something useful especially if you are new to knitting.

Knitted coat hanger covers
Knitted coat hanger covers

Finally, would you like to colour coordinate your wardrobe, right down to the hangers? Coat hanger covers made with a single colour palette can add just the finishing touch to your finally colour coordinated wardrobe.

For all of the above reasons I have, over time provided my daughter with a complete set of covered coat hangers in her chosen classic black and white palette. I made the first set here and completed them here during a doubly challenging year of moving house followed by a global pandemic.


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