Tue. May 28th, 2024
Sideways Baby Cardigan

I’m always looking for different ways to approach a project. This time I have knitted a baby’s cardigan from side to side. It comes from Patons Book 500, “A complete wardrobe of Hand Knits for Baby”, style 23 on pages 64 and 65, size 0 – 3 months. I used Bendigo Woolen Mills Multicoloured 4 Ply Sock Yarn in colour 277, Purple Haze.

When I knit, I want to knit, I don’t want to sew. This pattern was pretty good on that count because the side stitches are put on a stitch holder (or in my case a waste yarn) and then picked up again when the sleeve is finished. This left the sleeve to be sewn together so I modified the sleeve portion by substituting a provisional cast-on then casting off with the three-needle cast off method. The only sewing left was the two ends, cast on and cast off, and the buttons.

The other modification was by omitting all the picot edgings. I knitted a button band as follows. Instead of the cast-off row at end of jacket second front,  K4, yo, K2tog, (k10, yo, K2tog) to the end, knit 3 more rows. Cast off keeping last st on the needle, turn work to continue the neck edge without breaking off yarn. Complete the neckband substituting this Row 4 instead of ribbon holes, K2, yo, K2tog, knit to end. Follow the rest of the neckband pattern.


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