Tue. May 28th, 2024

Saturday night on my time travelling holiday to Melbourne on the last weekend of August 2018.

Travelled back to Central Station and met with son, daughter-in-law and daughter’s friend for coffee and long chats in Gloria Jean’s. My daughter-in-law was not able to join us for the evening cruise so she left the party soon after that.

The rest of us took a tram to Flinders Street to board the Spirit of Melbourne for a pre-arranged dinner cruise.

It was an absolutely fantastic afternoon and evening, agreed by all. Now it’s back at the Space Hotel with my daughter, more than ready to go to sleep. My feet are unbelievably sore and I’m completely exhausted.

Hint: Keep travelling in real-time. Check in again at 11.00 am (Australian Eastern Standard Time) tomorrow morning. Arrived from the future? Skip through the timeline here.


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