Mon. Mar 1st, 2021
Liffey Falls the Pond

Memory Lane Time Travel Agency is the only way to travel during a global pandemic travel ban. Today I have returned to April 2019 and I’m on a day trip to the Liffey Falls Walk in Tasmania. 

I’m at Liffey Falls with my daughter and we’ve decided to take the shorter, easier track from the top car park. My vision is slightly impaired by cataracts, my right eye is worse than my left eye and so it affects my depth perception creating problems for me on steps and rough terrain. It also doesn’t help that I’m not overly fit at the moment. 

We really enjoyed the walk. There were not many other people so it was a truly refreshing nature experience. The path is only a little challenging, being gravel it tended to be a little slippery especially on the way down. I discovered that because of the fairly sudden change in my fitness and vision I have lost much of my self-confidence so I had to use my daughter’s arm as support for most of the downward slope and some of the return as well. 

I have determined to purchase some hiking sticks to assist with my balance and footing before I take my next walk. I can only wait patiently until I reach the top of the cataract waiting list, but this walk was already the beginning of my road back to fitness. 

(Time travelling edit. I now own a pair of hiking sticks. I was very fortunate to receive a cataract operation on my right eye on 21 January and my left eye on 25 February 2020, just before the pandemic played havoc on all elective surgery. By the time I was ready to be tested for new glasses, however, it was impossible to do so. I have only recently managed to swap the magnifiers I used in the meantime for proper prescription glasses.) 


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