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A Road in the Trossachs 2012

How can I travel during a pandemic travel ban? Well, I’m travelling down memory lane, compliments of the Memory Lane Time Travelling Agency. Actually, I’m publicly reposting my private travel blog as a new anonymised travel memory. Time travel vicariously with me as I relive the glory days of a pre-COVID world.

It’s November 2012 and I’m in Scotland. I’ve been in Glasgow for a few days and now I’ve decided to take a day trip to Loch Lomond.

So, today I went on an all-day bus tour of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs, the weather was perfect, cold but fine and clear.  Being winter there was no boat cruise because the boat is open and so can’t be used at this time of year. Everything was covered in frost. The first stop was Loch Lomond.

We stopped at Aberfoyle where we had lunch and one and a half hours to wander around. 

In the afternoon we had two and a half hours to explore Stirling Castle, and I had a great time. We finished at 4.30 and it‘s dark by 5 pm so we just had a quiet drive back on the motorway.

Stirling Castle 2012
Stirling Castle

I really enjoyed the day probably because I had no expectations. I‘m starving hungry now I’m back in Glasgow so I’m determined to find an Indian takeaway

The tour was very well run out of Glasgow by Timberbrush Tours. My camera battery pegged out halfway through the trip and there was no signal to actually post this entry by the time I was free to do so, so I had to upload them when I got back to Glasgow. Luckily I got plenty of photos of the Loch and a few villages on the way.

I have picked up quite a few souvenirs in the last few days – a tartan scarf in the correct tartan and a pin with the herald, two fridge magnets and tow metal Celtic bookmarks, three tea towels, a Nessie with bagpipes doll, a jester finger puppet and 3 calendar bookmarks 

(Time travelling edit, mobile data isn’t what it will be.)


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