Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
National Gallery of Victoria

Time travel is the only way to travel during a COVID-19 travel ban. Travel vicariously with me, we are still in 2018 on holidays in Melbourne. I’m posting in synchronicity with that last weekend in August.

Stopping to admire the iconic Spencer Street Train Station clocks on the way to the Gallery (or any time you are in the vicinity) is a must.

Iconic Spencer Street Station Clocks
Iconic Spencer Street Station Clocks

I have a really crap phone, my Galaxy Note 2 finally died after four years of fabulous service but my budget couldn’t stretch anywhere near a decent replacement so I have been soldiering on with a very basic Huawei phone purchased from K-Mart. Between the phone and the Blogger app, I have been really let down this weekend. I’m finding it really difficult to blog in real-time which is my usual preference for travelling. Basically, when I travel I go to so many places and do so many things that by the time I return to base I can’t remember the half of it. You will have to bear with me and my crappy photos as I have to be actually sitting down somewhere quiet in order to post.

All that being said, we are now outside the National Gallery and it’s 3.00 pm. We’re looking forward to a sit-down cuppa first and then a look around.

National Gallery of Victoria Entrance
Entry to the National Gallery of Victoria

Hint: Travelling in real-time? Check in again at 5.00 pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) this afternoon. Arrived from the future? Skip through the timeline here.


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