Tue. May 28th, 2024
Floral Beanie

I put the finishing touches on my granddaughter’s outfit and put it in the post along with my grandson’s vest. I included an extra beanie each as well. I knit random beanies when I’m bored or I want to use up leftover yarn. As the saying goes, “Waste not, want not.”

I’m pleased with the results and can’t wait to see a photo of them wearing their outfits. I may have to wait quite a while as I deliberately made them a few sizes up as their Mum is well organised and buys next year’s clothes at this year’s end of season sales.


Who am I? I am different things to different people. I am a poet, a visual artist, a sculptor of found objects, and a writer. I am a bookkeeper, an office manager, an administrator and software support consultant, even a short-order cook and barista. I am a parent, a grandparent, a sibling, a cousin and a friend. I am a traveller, a technophile, a philosopher and a student of all things.

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