Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
Narawntapu Springlawn Lagoon Bird Hide

Another day trip organised by the Memory Lane Time Travel Agency. This is the only way to travel during a global pandemic travel ban. Today I have returned to January 2019 and I’m on a day trip to Narawntapu National Park in Tasmania.

Narawntapu National Park is situated on the north coast of Tasmania between Port Sorell and George Town. (There is a fee/parks pass required to enter, details on their website.) It has great walks for every level of fitness. There are also several tents and campervan campsites. It contains several different ecosystems within the park and so it has a diverse range of wildflowers and wildlife to explore. My favourite place was the Bird Hide on the Springlawn Lagoon.

Even the most remote parts of our world are affected by human habitation and in Australia, one of the effects of European settlement is the widespread invasion of noxious weeds. As beautiful as they are, even as a National Flower symbol of Scotland, the Thistle is a persistent noxious weed when growing and spreading in the Australian bush.

Thistle in Narawntapu National Park
Thistles are a noxious weed


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